Why Join Greenwood Country Club

Why Join Greenwood Country Club?


Things have changed.  Forty years ago, we didn’t have traveling soccer teams, baseball teams or volleyball teams.  Sports were played in season, and we had opportunity to play each one.  Best of all, we had off seasons where we could relax and do other things.


Not so today.  Playing almost any sport requires a year round commitment, especially if you are looking for a college scholarship.  It seems that so many families spend an incredible amount of time engaged in these kinds of activities.


But we have noticed something.  Most kids don’t continue playing these sports after they become teenagers.


Now what?


We see so many kids trying to pick up golf or tennis as a teenager.  And what do almost all of them say?


“I wish I would have started playing at a younger age.”


This is not to disparage other team sports.  They can teach our kids many things.  At the same time, what will the majority of kids do as adults?  How many adults play basketball, soccer, baseball or football after college?


How many adults wish they would have started a physical activity that they can play the rest of their lives when they were younger?


Welcome to the Greenwood Country Club


We offer you an opportunity to bring your family together with our many activities.  And almost every one of them can be played or participated in for life.


Where else can a child or teenager old play golf alongside of a community leader, or play tennis alongside a successful business person.


Remember the old adage, “It’s not what you know but who you know.”


Well, this is the place that has the people you want to know.


Great friends.  Superb dining.  Golf.  Tennis.  Relaxing by the pool.  These are just a few of the activities you can enjoy right here in Greenwood.


We are just minutes from your home and work.


Best of all, being a member of Greenwood Country Club has never been more affordable.


We understand the economy is difficult.  But we also understand that nothing is more important than the future of your family.  And the people and activities available here provide an opportunity unlike any other.