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Dress code policies apply to all adults, children ages 13 and older, and guests. Members are responsible for the attire of their children and guests. Members are responsible for informing their guests of the dress code requirements prior to their arrival at the club.

Dress codes will be specified for all Club functions, which may include deviations from these policies.  If there is ever a doubt concerning attire for a specific event, please call the Club to verify.

All hats worn on Club premises must be worn bill forward.

Men are not permitted to wear hats in the Grille Room or Banquet Room at any time.

The Club Management reserves the right to declare any article of clothing inappropriate attire for the Club, at any time, and without notice.

Individuals not in compliance with the Club’s dress code may be asked to leave the premises and may return only when properly attired.  This shall be done at the discretion of the Club Management and their staff.

Golf Course
Proper golf attire must be worn at all times on the golf course, practice greens, and practice facility. Jeans (or denim material of any color) , bathing suits, tee-shirts, tank or halter tops, gym or exercise apparel, or short shorts (more than four (4) inches above the knee) are NOT permitted. Only golf shoes with soft spikes or flat bottom athletic shoes are permitted. Proper attire includes a collared golf shirt (Mock Turtlenecks with a collar of 1/4 “or greater are permitted). All Gentlemen must wear their shirts with the shirttails tucked in.  Ladies must have either a collar or sleeves.  Pullovers, Jackets, Slacks, Bermuda shorts and neat cargo shorts are permitted.

Grille Room, Clubhouse and Banquet Room

Country Club Casual attire is required at all times in the Clubhouse.  This consists of, at minimum, attire that is acceptable for wear on the Golf Course, Practice Facility and Putting Greens.